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10000000 Kinzcash


For this cheat you need a friend's help:

  1. Log into your Webkinz account and from your room turn on the Webkinz phone to invite your friend in.
  2. They must decline three times.
  3. Power down the phone and then power it up again.
  4. Press the alt key on the keyboard and hold it down.
  5. Press f1, then release both keys.
  6. Press and release alt.
  7. Press and release the crtl key.
  8. Press and hold the alt key and while holding down press and hold down the ctrl key.
  9. While still holding down the keys type ╞ⁿ4099956560o1kinzcashc╞ⁿrazykinzcashcrazy╞ⁿ61223╞ⁿ
  10. Spend your 10000000 Kinzcash!

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